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Protective Glasses for Children

Are you aware that annual statistics show that around 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are serious enough to necessitate emergency room treatment? That's the equivalent of one eye injury every 13 minutes! Eye Care experts report that the vast majority of the reported injuries could be easily prevented by wearing proper eye protection. More often than not eye damaging accidents occur when adults and children are enjoying recreational activities or working around the home. Youth are especially at risk for injuries involving eye damage, which frequently occur during sport activities.

Children should guard their eyes with safety glasses during most sports such as baseball, soccer and hockey. This will significantly limit their chances of a sports related eye injury. Encouraging your child to choose the safety glasses they like best will also increase the chances that they won't mind wearing them.

In order to purchase safety glasses wisely, consult with an experienced eye care professional for advice. Our staff members are happy to assist you in buying the best pair of goggles for your child, depending on the kind of activity they will be utilized for. If your child has glasses, safety glasses can be purchased with prescription lenses from your eye care provider. Trivex or polylcarbonate lenses are recommended for a child that participates in rough sports such as football. Not only are they more durable, but also more light-weight than standard lenses, which tends to be less obtrusive during activity.

Don't skimp when it comes to purchasing a pair of protective goggles. It's a simple way to safeguard your child's vision!