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Don’t Lose Your Flex Spending Account Credit!

Need new eye glasses? Guessing your prescription has changed? Contemplating laser vision correction? The time has arrived to save big on all of your eye and vision needs. The end of the year is quickly approaching which means that your annual flex plan will soon run out for the year. If you haven't heard of the term you may not have an FSA (or flex spending account) but you should check your health plan to make sure.

If you participate in a Flex Plan through your employee benefits check how much credit you have left. Many FSA's obligate you to spend any money you've contributed by December 31st or risk losing it for good!

Taking advantage of your flex spending account you can get big savings on your eye care necessities. Eye and contact lens exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, even laser vision correction may all meet the requirements for reimbursement. Be aware that some procedures, such as laser vision correction have advanced screening which takes time so call for an optometry visit as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, call us to discuss your vision care benefits with you. Our Long Beach, CA Eye Care Professionals are here to help you with all of your eye care needs!


Dear Patient Family:

Our office will be opening soon for ALL of your eye and vision care needs!

lease be advised that in order to protect our patient community, staff, and community-at-large, we will have additional safeguards in place when you come to our office. Face coverings will be required for entry. We have a limited supply for individuals who may need them. We will screen visitors for symptoms of the coronavirus and we appreciate your understanding in this process which is also followed by all staff, including the doctor.

Please limit the number of individuals accompanying you to the office for your examination or dispensing to only those absolutely necessary.

We have missed seeing so many of you and will be working diligently to make room for patients who have had their appointments rescheduled, as well as those that are due. Thank you for your patience and support throughout these past many weeks.

We will see you soon!

Thank you for your patience and understanding of these difficult circumstances.

Please check our Facebook page for important office updates regarding COVID-19.

If you need to order contact lenses, please click here.