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This Month is Holiday Toys and Eye Safety Month

Holiday season is almost here and we all know what that means, Erector Sets for some, and Barbie dolls for others. Adoring mothers and fathers delight in surprising the little ones with the latest toys to start off the New Year.
It is crucial that parents instruct relatives about some restrictions about toys and eye safety. Accidents with unsafe toys may occur, sometimes causing damage to eyes, or even blindness.

Here are some guidelines to protect children from toy related eye injuries:

  1. Remember, age appropriate toys only! Do not allow younger siblings to play with toys meant for older siblings.

  2. Show children how to use new toys and games. If possible, before allowing children to play, inspect new toys and games for sturdy, safe construction.

  3. Be careful not to let small children play without supervision.

  4. Protect little eyes by tossing out toy or games that have sharp edges or catapult launchers.

Before you buy that new toy or game that your kids have been itching for, spend a moment to look over toy safety guidelines. Anyone who has ever watched ''A Christmas Story'' should have learned that already. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.


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lease be advised that in order to protect our patient community, staff, and community-at-large, we will have additional safeguards in place when you come to our office. Face coverings will be required for entry. We have a limited supply for individuals who may need them. We will screen visitors for symptoms of the coronavirus and we appreciate your understanding in this process which is also followed by all staff, including the doctor.

Please limit the number of individuals accompanying you to the office for your examination or dispensing to only those absolutely necessary.

We have missed seeing so many of you and will be working diligently to make room for patients who have had their appointments rescheduled, as well as those that are due. Thank you for your patience and support throughout these past many weeks.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding of these difficult circumstances.

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